Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lovely kit. Motoring.

I have been a very bad CT member. Spring has come early and I ended up on lots of very nasty tasting medications and unable to scrap.

However I would like to point out to everybody that Marif's newest kit is available for download from her blog. It's called motoring and is very cute.

Here is the preview. It is linked

I hope spring settle down soon. I doubt it on of the joys of a cold hard winter is an early spring with lots of flowers. So many are out already and it's only august.

Adobe CS4.

I don't like trailing new programs. Because as soon as the new program is installed something will prevent me from accessing the computer for a few weeks. Anyway I downloaded CS4 because I wanted to try the text to path option.

I tried it read the tutorials etc. And then the battery of my computer lost it's charge. And the internal clock was reset. I was able to restart my trial from where I left off.

While I'm not rushing out to buy Cs4. I have PSE7 and it's so much more scrapbooking friendly. I don't think I would use the traditional CS interface for long periods of time without getting very frustrated with it. I would not be adverse to trailing other adobe products due to the sane way they present their trials.

Thanks adobe it was fun.