Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be careful what you post.

Just a reminder. I was googling a blog of mine a few days ago.

I found directions to someone's relatives. Street names, times the relatives are at set locations the works.

I found one woman's bosses first name the industry she worked in what area they were in. And enough of a physical description of the boss to be able to identify him his rank in the business and exactly why she did not like him.

Another woman's monthly budget. And how much cash surplus they have a week. And links to her online shop.

If you are going to put stuff like this online please remember it is there. Because I'm am truly sick of trying to google something and finding this stuff. I have spent hours last night changing my links so that their crap does not come up when anyone googles my blog.

Please please be aware of what you post. Thank you very much.

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