Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Atomic cupcake.

Just a quick post to say. I'm beginning to fall in love with her actions. A few months ago my goal was to figure out the most efficient way to do something without needing actions.

And I've learnt a lot of shortcuts. But the thing about doing it all by hand it's too easy to forget a step. Sometimes it's nice to run an action and know when it's finished it will be just right.

I have got to upgrade so I can write my own actions.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Been busy today. Here is my layout for Marif's new kit. Pina Colada. It's vibrant it's sunny it's very scrapable.

Here is my layout with the kit.

And here is the preview to the kit click on the image to go to her blog and enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Too funny.


Apparently even the chief of MI6 does not mind people knowing where he lives after all his wife put it on an open facebook account. I guess there truly is no such thing as privacy anymore.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trying to delete accounts.

As I've stated I'm cyber cleaning. I'm doing it the correct way. Contacting the companies removing email notification. Guess what. It's not working. I'm still getting emails. Accounts are satill open. I'm not deserting them as a customer. I have multiple accounts with these places for different reasons. I'm simply cutting it down, Cleaning, up simplifying yet they won't let me go.

Here is an example of how silly it gets. I signed up with an email address for an online print company. They declined that address for no valid reason. I think it was a system glitch. So I signed up with another address and was told I already had an account. I was shocked emailed them and asked what was going on why did I have no accounts at all and I couldn't sign up?

They were very prompt fixed the glitch. Now I have two active accounts. I don't want two accounts? Of course not. Will they delete the second? No. Gee thanks. I love online shops.

I went there an online quizz.

You Are a Green Smoothie

You are a conscientious, health oriented person. You like fresh, whole foods.

You have an open mind about life. You enjoy all sorts of things, and you're not picky.

In fact, you believe the best things in life tend to be underrated or a bit intimidating.

You are bold and daring. You enjoy taking risks and living life to the fullest.

I'm not sure what the In fact, you believe the best things in life tend to be underrated or a bit intimidating means? I like the odd? I'm not impressed by much? I never leave my dank cave because I'm hiding under a rock? Who knows.

New layouts.

Just some layouts I though I should share. The kits of course are from scrap that idea. The first one is from Mel's light bulb moments scrap happy. The second is Sweet blossom designs love me forever.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be careful what you post.

Just a reminder. I was googling a blog of mine a few days ago.

I found directions to someone's relatives. Street names, times the relatives are at set locations the works.

I found one woman's bosses first name the industry she worked in what area they were in. And enough of a physical description of the boss to be able to identify him his rank in the business and exactly why she did not like him.

Another woman's monthly budget. And how much cash surplus they have a week. And links to her online shop.

If you are going to put stuff like this online please remember it is there. Because I'm am truly sick of trying to google something and finding this stuff. I have spent hours last night changing my links so that their crap does not come up when anyone googles my blog.

Please please be aware of what you post. Thank you very much.

I'm rather excited.

I've just deleted a blog which I set up but didn't use. I've deleted yet another user profile for a forum I no longer wish to participate in. Ok. It's great when you are nursing 24/7 and haven't slept in weeks but otherwise. There is a big beautiful world out there.

Said goodbye to another forum I did like but I'm not that organised right now. I'm working on it. And I said I would see the ladies around and I better. lol.

It's simply so freeing doing digi clean up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Does digi spoil us?

I was browsing traditionally scrapped pages in a gallery and I clicked on an image to view and it was a lovely page. The photo however was underexposed. And my first reaction was why didn't the person edit the photo? And I had to remind myself that was how the photo came from the developer. And to appreciate the layout as is.

So does digi aid us a little to much? Are we becoming spoilt?