Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tot time

Once a week we go to the local library for toddler themed stories and crafts. Today's craft was to make a shiny mirror. It was pretty simple a piece of polystyrene some tinfoil and lots of feathers. Emily was more than content just too cut paper and add stickers. I must admit I had a ball. With two under 3 getting that free with glue and feathers and paper does not happen at home. They can draw and paint but not that much gluing.

It was simply so much fun I have got to get my scraping stash out of storage. Maybe when she's 7.....I admit it that I made up the mirror in 10 minutes flat while keeping two toddlers under control. A freind has really shy children who sit nicely. Her mirror was very elegant. I'm used to having two who think being still is what you do when you sleep.

Oh and I must mention the chicken sticker. DD loves animals and thinks it's the best thing on the whole project. If I let her she would have a dog several fish a chicken and an extra cat. The chicken did not want to come home with us the cat climbed into the luggage tray of the pram but gave up when it realised I wasn't a soft touch for food.

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