Monday, June 8, 2009

A seriously cute kit Blooming orchard

I really enjoyed scraping with this kit. I played it safe and did an ultra girly pages because I was sick with quite a bad virus. And for the record anti-virals make you feel bad and taste horrible but once you stop you shure miss them. I should admit that DS was up all night with his teeth. The problem with 4 comming up at once is each one cuts a bit then rests. It will be months before all 4 molars are through. But this morning one was fully through. 3 more to go....

So now the important bits.

Here is the kit preview click on it to go to Marie-Frances blog.

And here is my page.

Until next time happy scrappin and what ever you don't don't get sick it's over rated.

1 comment:

  1. Summer is starting very slowly here, so hopefully no virus for us!
    Cédric is getting 3 teeth as well (one premolar and two canines), so I know how you feel...

    Thanks again for doing a layout with the kit for me, I love what you did!