Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's cold.

We took the family up the mountain yesterday to see the snow. So of course most of it had melted and we ended up going on a small hike instead Em wanted to go further but it gets dark and cold very quickly up there.

Anyway we found enough snow in the car park to make a teeny weeny snow man. I tried to break up the ice to make it better and that resulted in getting pelted in snow by my loving family. (Got to love them can't sell them.)

Anyway here is the result the very first snowman made by Em and me. I'm hoping as this winter continues to be icy and freezing that we will get to make a better one. And don't mind the water mark I'm experimenting with different ones. I will most likley try different ones until I find one I like. And excuse the colour cast. The pic was pretty much dark navy before I cleaned it up. And I'm still learning all the tricks with PSE7.

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