Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleaning out my galleries.

Well I like to spring clean somewhere between July and August but Ok mid winter it's too cold to do anything else clean. But we have had a ridiculous amount of snow recently so I'm starting early. And I would just like to say that comments are evil. Deleting an old LO that I am desperate to redo is so much more painful when there are glowing comments attached. :( I took screen shots of the comments. I don't know why maybe when I'm Gray and old I can look back and think hey somebody did like that page.

I know why I'm deleting the images. It was the whole photobucket stats thing. Having proof that somebody really was hotlinking to my work. Grr. I grew up around printers I worked as a printer for a very short time. I even recently turned down having my own printing press. I know copyright is a figment of peoples imagination. But at the same time I find I can't stop being hurt by blatant hotlinking and disregard for peoples images that goes on in forums and online.

admitting that there might be one honest person online who only saves images to their computer to scraplift and then deletes the original. But mainly. I'm steemed and I want some control lol. That sounds so funny to me. The number of arguments I had with my father over the nature of copyright when he was alive. And my argument was always once it's out there it's gone.

I used to say that too; once it's out there it's gone. Always be proud of your work because once it's out there you have no control.

But I'm learning once it's out there people re-edit. People claim it as their own and use it and see nothing wrong with that. Both I have big issues with. So I'm doing my winter tidy up early.

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