Sunday, June 28, 2009

I won!

I'm excited. I know it's Scrap that idea hasn't been running challenges long so my odds of winning are higher. But it's still so exciting. I came home last Thursday checked the internet and found out my layout simplicity had won a $5 gift certificate. To the store of the fabulous Vicki. And by friday night it had been spent. It was a no brainer I wanted Boho Chic. The problem was that left $2 so my love talked me into over the moon which is on special.

I can't believe I spent the gift cert so quickly. And as always I would like to say thank you. To all the ladies at scrap that Idea for being so generous and creating a great place to play. And now I have got to enter more competitions because I now have more kits added to my wish list.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The bracelet

The mission. Take a selection of glass beads and charms Pandora/Murano style and turn them into a charm bracelet which will appeal to a little girl, and at the same time be tasteful enough; that it can grow with her.

The result.

Putting this thing together is a lot harder than it looks. The beauty of these beads is they are versatile in their combinations and colour variations. The problem is one bead out of place sticks out. I am telling myself I'm not touching the bracelet again. But I most likley will. It's hard but addictive. The beads are simply too versatile. It's a bit like a 3d puzzle where you can pop down to the shop if you don't like a piece. And yes I have spares so that it can grow with her.

I was told these beads were only being stocked for a week as part of a store promo. They better be or I'm going to be broke.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tot time

Once a week we go to the local library for toddler themed stories and crafts. Today's craft was to make a shiny mirror. It was pretty simple a piece of polystyrene some tinfoil and lots of feathers. Emily was more than content just too cut paper and add stickers. I must admit I had a ball. With two under 3 getting that free with glue and feathers and paper does not happen at home. They can draw and paint but not that much gluing.

It was simply so much fun I have got to get my scraping stash out of storage. Maybe when she's 7.....I admit it that I made up the mirror in 10 minutes flat while keeping two toddlers under control. A freind has really shy children who sit nicely. Her mirror was very elegant. I'm used to having two who think being still is what you do when you sleep.

Oh and I must mention the chicken sticker. DD loves animals and thinks it's the best thing on the whole project. If I let her she would have a dog several fish a chicken and an extra cat. The chicken did not want to come home with us the cat climbed into the luggage tray of the pram but gave up when it realised I wasn't a soft touch for food.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another pic.

Ok I'm trying out another watermark. I think I like the earwig
factory font best. This is my hebe it's going white it means it's
stressed. I guess I should feed it I just have no idea what they like
as hebes are scrubby plants which like poor soil.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You know it's cold when...

Your front lawn looks like this mid afternoon.

and you back lawn has Satans footprints burnt across it. Ok Satans work boots. My love went to defrost his work van and discovered that the tap was frozen. And everywhere he trod there are now mysterious dark impressions in the grass as if it's been burnt. Medieval people honestly did believe those changes in colour on grass was the work of the devil. And even worse at lunch time the tap mysteriously started pouring out water as if it had been turned on by invisible hands...

Yes; it took until after 12 for the tap to thaw.

Anyway doesn't the ice crystals look like a teeny tiny village? Put a few plastic smurfs out there or something. They are blue already...


I entered a template challenge and while I was getting the basics set up I put in the page a photo of a Pansy I took. I do like pansy's. I rather liked the result so I submitted the layout to the scrap that idea for the template challenge.

Today I'm looking through the gallery and there are so many layouts with flowers in them. Don't you just hate that? When you do something and you think it's fresh, it's something I haven't done before, and it turns out to be simply one of many? I still like the layout. And I'm in a great mood because we had another hoar frost and the air is warm and crisp and dry. There is still an inch of ice on my front lawn and it's mid afternoon. But hey; what's a little ice for a nice winters day?

I will have a look through the photos see if they are worth posting the ice has a tendency to linger only on muddy areas. Oh well.

And for credits click here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another layout.

I admit it I'm a procrastinator. And I might be guilty of taking the background photo in this layout so I could blend it with a paper. I've been dying to try this technique for months. Every image I've used in the past has always looked wrong. This I like.

And the ladies at the SNA forum do put their all into hosting these challenges so I try and enter. I would like my life to get slightly less crazy. Who am I kidding?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chicken pox

Well my darling has chicken pox. I was rather hoping that she would catch it before we had to have the vaccination talk. But after watching her get completely and utterly distraught last night over the discomfort. I'm a lot more open to the vaccine for my son esp. because it is believed it prevents people getting Shingles. Though there is a theory the worse the pox as a child the less likley you are to catch shingles as an adult and my darling is covered in poc's from scalp to ankle. I never knew you could get a poc on your scalp before now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A seriously cute kit Blooming orchard

I really enjoyed scraping with this kit. I played it safe and did an ultra girly pages because I was sick with quite a bad virus. And for the record anti-virals make you feel bad and taste horrible but once you stop you shure miss them. I should admit that DS was up all night with his teeth. The problem with 4 comming up at once is each one cuts a bit then rests. It will be months before all 4 molars are through. But this morning one was fully through. 3 more to go....

So now the important bits.

Here is the kit preview click on it to go to Marie-Frances blog.

And here is my page.

Until next time happy scrappin and what ever you don't don't get sick it's over rated.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's cold.

We took the family up the mountain yesterday to see the snow. So of course most of it had melted and we ended up going on a small hike instead Em wanted to go further but it gets dark and cold very quickly up there.

Anyway we found enough snow in the car park to make a teeny weeny snow man. I tried to break up the ice to make it better and that resulted in getting pelted in snow by my loving family. (Got to love them can't sell them.)

Anyway here is the result the very first snowman made by Em and me. I'm hoping as this winter continues to be icy and freezing that we will get to make a better one. And don't mind the water mark I'm experimenting with different ones. I will most likley try different ones until I find one I like. And excuse the colour cast. The pic was pretty much dark navy before I cleaned it up. And I'm still learning all the tricks with PSE7.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleaning out my galleries.

Well I like to spring clean somewhere between July and August but Ok mid winter it's too cold to do anything else clean. But we have had a ridiculous amount of snow recently so I'm starting early. And I would just like to say that comments are evil. Deleting an old LO that I am desperate to redo is so much more painful when there are glowing comments attached. :( I took screen shots of the comments. I don't know why maybe when I'm Gray and old I can look back and think hey somebody did like that page.

I know why I'm deleting the images. It was the whole photobucket stats thing. Having proof that somebody really was hotlinking to my work. Grr. I grew up around printers I worked as a printer for a very short time. I even recently turned down having my own printing press. I know copyright is a figment of peoples imagination. But at the same time I find I can't stop being hurt by blatant hotlinking and disregard for peoples images that goes on in forums and online.

admitting that there might be one honest person online who only saves images to their computer to scraplift and then deletes the original. But mainly. I'm steemed and I want some control lol. That sounds so funny to me. The number of arguments I had with my father over the nature of copyright when he was alive. And my argument was always once it's out there it's gone.

I used to say that too; once it's out there it's gone. Always be proud of your work because once it's out there you have no control.

But I'm learning once it's out there people re-edit. People claim it as their own and use it and see nothing wrong with that. Both I have big issues with. So I'm doing my winter tidy up early.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A new layout.

I've entered my first ever scrap that idea challenge. I have decided recipe challenges are very hard and designed to make you buy more kits. They are particularly hard particularly when I have a lot of kits by the designers from scrap that idea but I have to use only kits from their store. Ladies put a few more blog freebies in the $1 bin please :). However I like the result so I'm posting it here.

And for the credits click here it will take you to the Scrap that idea gallery so you can play too.