Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well 3 downloads in 24 hours. I'm actually rather pleased. The worst case scenario was no downloads. Now I need to figure out exactly the best way to advertise so many forums and sites it gets so overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who left a thank you please keep it up. I don't comment every time but I try and leave a comment as often as I can for designers so they know I like their kits.

It's very nice receiving comments for a change. I need to find out why Firefox won' let me comment directly on blogs. I think it might be my anti-virus settings it has in the past declared both Photobucket and Blogspot to be 'evil'. Because files are shared and that is not good. It's very much like the time a firewall I was using blocked a card game site because it used the word tactics. Shortly I will be trialing google crome. I've heard it's better but not many sites are coded for it. This shall be fun.

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