Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well 3 downloads in 24 hours. I'm actually rather pleased. The worst case scenario was no downloads. Now I need to figure out exactly the best way to advertise so many forums and sites it gets so overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who left a thank you please keep it up. I don't comment every time but I try and leave a comment as often as I can for designers so they know I like their kits.

It's very nice receiving comments for a change. I need to find out why Firefox won' let me comment directly on blogs. I think it might be my anti-virus settings it has in the past declared both Photobucket and Blogspot to be 'evil'. Because files are shared and that is not good. It's very much like the time a firewall I was using blocked a card game site because it used the word tactics. Shortly I will be trialing google crome. I've heard it's better but not many sites are coded for it. This shall be fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My First freebie and it's CU.

I had hoped to write this post yesterday but I went for a nap and my love didn't wake me. instead he did the dishes and put the children to bed. Defiantly a keeper.

Well here is the preview they are grayscale for easy recolouring and no dropshadows.

Here is a picture of how they look coloured full size and resized smaller. I think they are quite cool. The cloth one has slightly jaggy edges but it's denim and to be expected.

I cant wait to see free kits with these in them. These are freebie friendly and you are getting the for free so please

pay it forward. And if you like them come back I have a kit 90% finished and I need an excuse to release it.

You can download here

Happy scrapping Judith

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some layouts.

First of all I'm sure anyone reads my tiny blog knows about a new designer Marie-France or Marif for short her blog is here.

She has just started releasing some very nice kits. So I contacted her and asked could I make few layouts with her new kits and she said yes. Thanks Marie-France.

Her new kit is called Vinaigrette. And it's lovely.
Here is the preview.

And here are my layouts . It's a cute kit and fun to work with I always find I like the kits with great alphas. I just love kits with Alphas.

The first one is my 3 rouge toms when they were still kittens and cute. I've been meaning to scrap those photos since I took them way back when.

The second is my Daughter playing with a new toy. Ever since Ice Age Two she's been rather partial to elephants and is quite insistent elephants sleep in trees. Hence the title. Elles love trees. It's the name my daughter chose for the toy. We went through all the spellings. It's great way for her to learn spelling but a bit of a grammatical nightmare for me. I think I have added apostrophes in every place I could think of to make the title flow. I should have gone for a different title. Hindsight is a wonder, maybe before I print?.

I will be back later today with a freebie.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

A freebie to come

I completely forgot. I was given some cute embellishments from the lovely lady who owns the sewing place in town. So I'm going to pay it forward and scan them as a CU freebie. I had a cute kit 90% finished when I ran out of HD space but It never felt quite right as my first freebie and I haven't had much free time recently. There will be a catch if you download the elements you will be asked to pay it forward and use them in 1 freebie. After that sell or send to the moon have fun. I'll try and have them uploaded tonight yaay.
Well we spent the weekend re-cladding an old garden shed we are tuning into a play house. Since our children are 1 and 3 my love and I are in serious negotiations about who gets it to hide from the children in it. Right now I'm looking at wifi-hookups... ;p

Anyway I caved and bought a new HD I was looking for an internal but was talked into buying a 1 terrabite external hard drive. The sales pitch as quite simple.

Salesguy (SG). 'You need a 1 terrabite External hard dive.'
Me 'Really where are they?'
SG 'You are standing beside them that's what the tb stands for.'
Me 'Really? Never seen one before. (true.) And I'm not certain about an external HD I have a 3 year old.'
SG 'Enough said that's a story in itself. Want a discount?'
Me 'Of course.'
SG 'How should we list the discount in the computer?'
Me 'Pity.'

So now I have a 1 TB hard drive with a 20% discount off the retail price and I now need to update my ram. Because either I have a USB 2 cord in a USB1 port; or having an external drive actually does slow things down. I'm quite willing to believe the latter because last year I was running two computers with one screen and ohhh it was slow.

Though for the first time in two months I can scrap again. I deleted about 5 gig of unfinished pages duplicates and redundant back ups just to be able to tun my computer on in the morning. Windows is not supposed to run with only 50 meg free memory. It can but xp acts like win 95. I always liked win 95.

Oh and my son turned 1 on Thursday happy birthday sweetie. I can't believe you made it to 1. Just keep it up. Ok? growing exploring. Whinging, laughing, living. And breathing.