Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is the thing I just don't get Lactivism the constant pressure by mothers on other mothers to Breast feed because it's best. I think because I'm a Kiwi we are pretty open about our opinions and generally do what we want anyway. So most mothers I know breast feed, formula feed, supplement based on what is best for themselves and the baby. And that's how it is. And that's how it should be.

I can nurse anywhere any time and I do. I have never owned a nursing cover and it's not something I could get locally anyway. Because it just isn't needed. What's wrong with nursing a child in public anyway? Do they have rabies does the frothing at the mouth scare perfect strangers?

And I plan on nursing my son until I stop. Because some day's it great and other days I want to have weaned him yesterday. And he knows how to push all my buttons. And he knows he's doing this and he thinks it's the worlds greatest joke until I put him down and walk away. And then he has some remorse until he kicks me again. But thats breast feeding and it comes down to what is best for myself and him and other peoples opnions do not matter.

I strongly belive if you are busy with promoting breast feeding as perfect, and great and wonderful, you forget that it can be hard, and stressful and you make a lot of sacrifices to do so. And if women sit around wearing their tacky nursing covers hiding their babies in shame and judging everybody else for carrying bottles then nobody gets to see the whole picture. And if you take the dark tones out of a picture it will never be complete.

But I guess if I lived somewhere else, and I felt I had to fight for my very right to latch a baby perhaps I would feel differently. I know where people can buy nursing covers if you live in one of those places the woman selling has pretty good feedback too. But I don't need one and I'm pretty sure it's because people just get on with nursing their babies and don't stop to fret about if it's the perfect food for thier child or if a total stranger might see a micron of nipple.

Then again It's also not illegal for me to walk completly topless down the street it's only an issue If I create a public nusance when I do so. Like writing stuff all over my breasts and dancing up and down on parliments steps. I've never wanted to do that. Some people find it fun though.

I think part of it is Kiwis are just not that body concious. Breast feeding is simply something else you do with your body. It's not a mythical right that needs to be protected against women who say 'I don't want to'. I don't want to nurse. I don't want to see other nursing. Seriously who cares?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well I have set two weeks time as the release date for my first kit wow. It seems so far away but knowing me I will be designing until the very last second.