Sunday, November 15, 2009

I entered a challenge.

Yes; after months of avoiding any challenge. I caved and entered the template challenge over at Scrap That Idea. Here is my layout using Vicki's Pompey Blues Kit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I think it's the only time of the year when it's ok to say that is so ugly I must download it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A great free collab kit.

I'm so excited about this

Marif from poppylium and Vicki from AWP Vicki have collaborated on a kit. It is called Pop Shop.
I like it a lot. They are both very talented designers.

Here are the previews.

First Marif's

And now Vicki's
Click on the previews to go to their blogs.

And here is the layout I made with Marif's portion of the kit. Mount Tranaki enshrouded in cloud at sunset. It looks as if Tranaki is waking from his slumber.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

4 shared hacked.

Apparently 4shared was hacked earlier today. So I'm deleting my files and will upload new files tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a pity because I had a metal alpha I had made with an action by atomic cupcake all uploaded for sharing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lovely kit. Motoring.

I have been a very bad CT member. Spring has come early and I ended up on lots of very nasty tasting medications and unable to scrap.

However I would like to point out to everybody that Marif's newest kit is available for download from her blog. It's called motoring and is very cute.

Here is the preview. It is linked

I hope spring settle down soon. I doubt it on of the joys of a cold hard winter is an early spring with lots of flowers. So many are out already and it's only august.

Adobe CS4.

I don't like trailing new programs. Because as soon as the new program is installed something will prevent me from accessing the computer for a few weeks. Anyway I downloaded CS4 because I wanted to try the text to path option.

I tried it read the tutorials etc. And then the battery of my computer lost it's charge. And the internal clock was reset. I was able to restart my trial from where I left off.

While I'm not rushing out to buy Cs4. I have PSE7 and it's so much more scrapbooking friendly. I don't think I would use the traditional CS interface for long periods of time without getting very frustrated with it. I would not be adverse to trailing other adobe products due to the sane way they present their trials.

Thanks adobe it was fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Atomic cupcake.

Just a quick post to say. I'm beginning to fall in love with her actions. A few months ago my goal was to figure out the most efficient way to do something without needing actions.

And I've learnt a lot of shortcuts. But the thing about doing it all by hand it's too easy to forget a step. Sometimes it's nice to run an action and know when it's finished it will be just right.

I have got to upgrade so I can write my own actions.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Been busy today. Here is my layout for Marif's new kit. Pina Colada. It's vibrant it's sunny it's very scrapable.

Here is my layout with the kit.

And here is the preview to the kit click on the image to go to her blog and enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Too funny.

Apparently even the chief of MI6 does not mind people knowing where he lives after all his wife put it on an open facebook account. I guess there truly is no such thing as privacy anymore.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trying to delete accounts.

As I've stated I'm cyber cleaning. I'm doing it the correct way. Contacting the companies removing email notification. Guess what. It's not working. I'm still getting emails. Accounts are satill open. I'm not deserting them as a customer. I have multiple accounts with these places for different reasons. I'm simply cutting it down, Cleaning, up simplifying yet they won't let me go.

Here is an example of how silly it gets. I signed up with an email address for an online print company. They declined that address for no valid reason. I think it was a system glitch. So I signed up with another address and was told I already had an account. I was shocked emailed them and asked what was going on why did I have no accounts at all and I couldn't sign up?

They were very prompt fixed the glitch. Now I have two active accounts. I don't want two accounts? Of course not. Will they delete the second? No. Gee thanks. I love online shops.

I went there an online quizz.

You Are a Green Smoothie

You are a conscientious, health oriented person. You like fresh, whole foods.

You have an open mind about life. You enjoy all sorts of things, and you're not picky.

In fact, you believe the best things in life tend to be underrated or a bit intimidating.

You are bold and daring. You enjoy taking risks and living life to the fullest.

I'm not sure what the In fact, you believe the best things in life tend to be underrated or a bit intimidating means? I like the odd? I'm not impressed by much? I never leave my dank cave because I'm hiding under a rock? Who knows.

New layouts.

Just some layouts I though I should share. The kits of course are from scrap that idea. The first one is from Mel's light bulb moments scrap happy. The second is Sweet blossom designs love me forever.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be careful what you post.

Just a reminder. I was googling a blog of mine a few days ago.

I found directions to someone's relatives. Street names, times the relatives are at set locations the works.

I found one woman's bosses first name the industry she worked in what area they were in. And enough of a physical description of the boss to be able to identify him his rank in the business and exactly why she did not like him.

Another woman's monthly budget. And how much cash surplus they have a week. And links to her online shop.

If you are going to put stuff like this online please remember it is there. Because I'm am truly sick of trying to google something and finding this stuff. I have spent hours last night changing my links so that their crap does not come up when anyone googles my blog.

Please please be aware of what you post. Thank you very much.

I'm rather excited.

I've just deleted a blog which I set up but didn't use. I've deleted yet another user profile for a forum I no longer wish to participate in. Ok. It's great when you are nursing 24/7 and haven't slept in weeks but otherwise. There is a big beautiful world out there.

Said goodbye to another forum I did like but I'm not that organised right now. I'm working on it. And I said I would see the ladies around and I better. lol.

It's simply so freeing doing digi clean up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Does digi spoil us?

I was browsing traditionally scrapped pages in a gallery and I clicked on an image to view and it was a lovely page. The photo however was underexposed. And my first reaction was why didn't the person edit the photo? And I had to remind myself that was how the photo came from the developer. And to appreciate the layout as is.

So does digi aid us a little to much? Are we becoming spoilt?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I won!

I'm excited. I know it's Scrap that idea hasn't been running challenges long so my odds of winning are higher. But it's still so exciting. I came home last Thursday checked the internet and found out my layout simplicity had won a $5 gift certificate. To the store of the fabulous Vicki. And by friday night it had been spent. It was a no brainer I wanted Boho Chic. The problem was that left $2 so my love talked me into over the moon which is on special.

I can't believe I spent the gift cert so quickly. And as always I would like to say thank you. To all the ladies at scrap that Idea for being so generous and creating a great place to play. And now I have got to enter more competitions because I now have more kits added to my wish list.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The bracelet

The mission. Take a selection of glass beads and charms Pandora/Murano style and turn them into a charm bracelet which will appeal to a little girl, and at the same time be tasteful enough; that it can grow with her.

The result.

Putting this thing together is a lot harder than it looks. The beauty of these beads is they are versatile in their combinations and colour variations. The problem is one bead out of place sticks out. I am telling myself I'm not touching the bracelet again. But I most likley will. It's hard but addictive. The beads are simply too versatile. It's a bit like a 3d puzzle where you can pop down to the shop if you don't like a piece. And yes I have spares so that it can grow with her.

I was told these beads were only being stocked for a week as part of a store promo. They better be or I'm going to be broke.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tot time

Once a week we go to the local library for toddler themed stories and crafts. Today's craft was to make a shiny mirror. It was pretty simple a piece of polystyrene some tinfoil and lots of feathers. Emily was more than content just too cut paper and add stickers. I must admit I had a ball. With two under 3 getting that free with glue and feathers and paper does not happen at home. They can draw and paint but not that much gluing.

It was simply so much fun I have got to get my scraping stash out of storage. Maybe when she's 7.....I admit it that I made up the mirror in 10 minutes flat while keeping two toddlers under control. A freind has really shy children who sit nicely. Her mirror was very elegant. I'm used to having two who think being still is what you do when you sleep.

Oh and I must mention the chicken sticker. DD loves animals and thinks it's the best thing on the whole project. If I let her she would have a dog several fish a chicken and an extra cat. The chicken did not want to come home with us the cat climbed into the luggage tray of the pram but gave up when it realised I wasn't a soft touch for food.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another pic.

Ok I'm trying out another watermark. I think I like the earwig
factory font best. This is my hebe it's going white it means it's
stressed. I guess I should feed it I just have no idea what they like
as hebes are scrubby plants which like poor soil.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You know it's cold when...

Your front lawn looks like this mid afternoon.

and you back lawn has Satans footprints burnt across it. Ok Satans work boots. My love went to defrost his work van and discovered that the tap was frozen. And everywhere he trod there are now mysterious dark impressions in the grass as if it's been burnt. Medieval people honestly did believe those changes in colour on grass was the work of the devil. And even worse at lunch time the tap mysteriously started pouring out water as if it had been turned on by invisible hands...

Yes; it took until after 12 for the tap to thaw.

Anyway doesn't the ice crystals look like a teeny tiny village? Put a few plastic smurfs out there or something. They are blue already...


I entered a template challenge and while I was getting the basics set up I put in the page a photo of a Pansy I took. I do like pansy's. I rather liked the result so I submitted the layout to the scrap that idea for the template challenge.

Today I'm looking through the gallery and there are so many layouts with flowers in them. Don't you just hate that? When you do something and you think it's fresh, it's something I haven't done before, and it turns out to be simply one of many? I still like the layout. And I'm in a great mood because we had another hoar frost and the air is warm and crisp and dry. There is still an inch of ice on my front lawn and it's mid afternoon. But hey; what's a little ice for a nice winters day?

I will have a look through the photos see if they are worth posting the ice has a tendency to linger only on muddy areas. Oh well.

And for credits click here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another layout.

I admit it I'm a procrastinator. And I might be guilty of taking the background photo in this layout so I could blend it with a paper. I've been dying to try this technique for months. Every image I've used in the past has always looked wrong. This I like.

And the ladies at the SNA forum do put their all into hosting these challenges so I try and enter. I would like my life to get slightly less crazy. Who am I kidding?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chicken pox

Well my darling has chicken pox. I was rather hoping that she would catch it before we had to have the vaccination talk. But after watching her get completely and utterly distraught last night over the discomfort. I'm a lot more open to the vaccine for my son esp. because it is believed it prevents people getting Shingles. Though there is a theory the worse the pox as a child the less likley you are to catch shingles as an adult and my darling is covered in poc's from scalp to ankle. I never knew you could get a poc on your scalp before now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A seriously cute kit Blooming orchard

I really enjoyed scraping with this kit. I played it safe and did an ultra girly pages because I was sick with quite a bad virus. And for the record anti-virals make you feel bad and taste horrible but once you stop you shure miss them. I should admit that DS was up all night with his teeth. The problem with 4 comming up at once is each one cuts a bit then rests. It will be months before all 4 molars are through. But this morning one was fully through. 3 more to go....

So now the important bits.

Here is the kit preview click on it to go to Marie-Frances blog.

And here is my page.

Until next time happy scrappin and what ever you don't don't get sick it's over rated.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's cold.

We took the family up the mountain yesterday to see the snow. So of course most of it had melted and we ended up going on a small hike instead Em wanted to go further but it gets dark and cold very quickly up there.

Anyway we found enough snow in the car park to make a teeny weeny snow man. I tried to break up the ice to make it better and that resulted in getting pelted in snow by my loving family. (Got to love them can't sell them.)

Anyway here is the result the very first snowman made by Em and me. I'm hoping as this winter continues to be icy and freezing that we will get to make a better one. And don't mind the water mark I'm experimenting with different ones. I will most likley try different ones until I find one I like. And excuse the colour cast. The pic was pretty much dark navy before I cleaned it up. And I'm still learning all the tricks with PSE7.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleaning out my galleries.

Well I like to spring clean somewhere between July and August but Ok mid winter it's too cold to do anything else clean. But we have had a ridiculous amount of snow recently so I'm starting early. And I would just like to say that comments are evil. Deleting an old LO that I am desperate to redo is so much more painful when there are glowing comments attached. :( I took screen shots of the comments. I don't know why maybe when I'm Gray and old I can look back and think hey somebody did like that page.

I know why I'm deleting the images. It was the whole photobucket stats thing. Having proof that somebody really was hotlinking to my work. Grr. I grew up around printers I worked as a printer for a very short time. I even recently turned down having my own printing press. I know copyright is a figment of peoples imagination. But at the same time I find I can't stop being hurt by blatant hotlinking and disregard for peoples images that goes on in forums and online.

admitting that there might be one honest person online who only saves images to their computer to scraplift and then deletes the original. But mainly. I'm steemed and I want some control lol. That sounds so funny to me. The number of arguments I had with my father over the nature of copyright when he was alive. And my argument was always once it's out there it's gone.

I used to say that too; once it's out there it's gone. Always be proud of your work because once it's out there you have no control.

But I'm learning once it's out there people re-edit. People claim it as their own and use it and see nothing wrong with that. Both I have big issues with. So I'm doing my winter tidy up early.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A new layout.

I've entered my first ever scrap that idea challenge. I have decided recipe challenges are very hard and designed to make you buy more kits. They are particularly hard particularly when I have a lot of kits by the designers from scrap that idea but I have to use only kits from their store. Ladies put a few more blog freebies in the $1 bin please :). However I like the result so I'm posting it here.

And for the credits click here it will take you to the Scrap that idea gallery so you can play too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marie-France's new kit.

It's late but I'm back.

Kindergarten was fun. My daughter is still settling in interesting times. Though just once I would like her to come home not coverd in paint. Especially since she's a minimalist painter more ends up on her tops than the paper but she's 3 and already been in a local art exhibit. So who am I to complain?

Back to business.

This is Marie_France's new kit. Schatzie. It's bright. Very summery and fun.

You can grab this kit here.

And here is my layout with it. Something a bit more traditional this time.

BTW. I'm still in shock that Heidi and Vicki have been so nice over the tombstone layout as it's now known in my house. And Thank you Marie_France for the congratulations. I don't understand why so few scrappers enter layout competitions the prizes are awesome and it's a great excuse to scrap.

Myself I'm a very slow scrapper. I don't do enough of it to get very fast. And I view challenges as a reason to scrap. I have done very few layouts just because. Perhaps when the children are better... Ha! The bigger they get, the busier I get.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I won.

Well I co-won. A challenge over at the Scrap and art Forum Hosted by the lovely Heidi
Marie-France was my co-winner.

I'm so excited because the prize is a $10 gift certificate to Vicki Parkers Scrap That Idea store. Whoo hoo.
Vicki and Heidi I would like to take a moment to say. Thank you.

And here is the layout that won. It was a lyric challenge scrap lyrics from a Duffy song. So I chose big flame and scrapped a burnt out building. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Until my love saw it and asked why I scrapped a grave. And yes it might look a little gravestone-ish. Ummm. I was going for sad because it used to be a beautiful family home. And I have a soft spot for old New Zealand Villas. When I lived In Auckland as a student I lived in one it was wonderful. I even didn't mind the fact that the toilet and wash house were outside outside and the washhouse still had it's boiler built in with a hole for the molly peg.

Got to take DD to kindergarten then I'll be back with my latest CT layout.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bragbook Pages

Today I have for you two brag book pages made from paper pond by Marie_France

Click on the preview to download if you like them. I did include drop shadows they are very subtle. I enjoyed making them. I love making cards. I forgot to add the preview to the kit on Monday. I'm still learning. Sorry. Anyway isn't it too cute?

If you like the kit and haven't already grabbed it get the kit and the other two bragbook pages here

Happy Scrapping


Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Layout

Well I'm back from my weekend with the family. I think I'm becoming rural. I was watching everybody bustle and thinking slow and steady is better.

Here is my latest LO from Marif's new kit paper pond

If you like the kit go to her blog

Have fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well 3 downloads in 24 hours. I'm actually rather pleased. The worst case scenario was no downloads. Now I need to figure out exactly the best way to advertise so many forums and sites it gets so overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who left a thank you please keep it up. I don't comment every time but I try and leave a comment as often as I can for designers so they know I like their kits.

It's very nice receiving comments for a change. I need to find out why Firefox won' let me comment directly on blogs. I think it might be my anti-virus settings it has in the past declared both Photobucket and Blogspot to be 'evil'. Because files are shared and that is not good. It's very much like the time a firewall I was using blocked a card game site because it used the word tactics. Shortly I will be trialing google crome. I've heard it's better but not many sites are coded for it. This shall be fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My First freebie and it's CU.

I had hoped to write this post yesterday but I went for a nap and my love didn't wake me. instead he did the dishes and put the children to bed. Defiantly a keeper.

Well here is the preview they are grayscale for easy recolouring and no dropshadows.

Here is a picture of how they look coloured full size and resized smaller. I think they are quite cool. The cloth one has slightly jaggy edges but it's denim and to be expected.

I cant wait to see free kits with these in them. These are freebie friendly and you are getting the for free so please

pay it forward. And if you like them come back I have a kit 90% finished and I need an excuse to release it.

You can download here

Happy scrapping Judith

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some layouts.

First of all I'm sure anyone reads my tiny blog knows about a new designer Marie-France or Marif for short her blog is here.

She has just started releasing some very nice kits. So I contacted her and asked could I make few layouts with her new kits and she said yes. Thanks Marie-France.

Her new kit is called Vinaigrette. And it's lovely.
Here is the preview.

And here are my layouts . It's a cute kit and fun to work with I always find I like the kits with great alphas. I just love kits with Alphas.

The first one is my 3 rouge toms when they were still kittens and cute. I've been meaning to scrap those photos since I took them way back when.

The second is my Daughter playing with a new toy. Ever since Ice Age Two she's been rather partial to elephants and is quite insistent elephants sleep in trees. Hence the title. Elles love trees. It's the name my daughter chose for the toy. We went through all the spellings. It's great way for her to learn spelling but a bit of a grammatical nightmare for me. I think I have added apostrophes in every place I could think of to make the title flow. I should have gone for a different title. Hindsight is a wonder, maybe before I print?.

I will be back later today with a freebie.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

A freebie to come

I completely forgot. I was given some cute embellishments from the lovely lady who owns the sewing place in town. So I'm going to pay it forward and scan them as a CU freebie. I had a cute kit 90% finished when I ran out of HD space but It never felt quite right as my first freebie and I haven't had much free time recently. There will be a catch if you download the elements you will be asked to pay it forward and use them in 1 freebie. After that sell or send to the moon have fun. I'll try and have them uploaded tonight yaay.
Well we spent the weekend re-cladding an old garden shed we are tuning into a play house. Since our children are 1 and 3 my love and I are in serious negotiations about who gets it to hide from the children in it. Right now I'm looking at wifi-hookups... ;p

Anyway I caved and bought a new HD I was looking for an internal but was talked into buying a 1 terrabite external hard drive. The sales pitch as quite simple.

Salesguy (SG). 'You need a 1 terrabite External hard dive.'
Me 'Really where are they?'
SG 'You are standing beside them that's what the tb stands for.'
Me 'Really? Never seen one before. (true.) And I'm not certain about an external HD I have a 3 year old.'
SG 'Enough said that's a story in itself. Want a discount?'
Me 'Of course.'
SG 'How should we list the discount in the computer?'
Me 'Pity.'

So now I have a 1 TB hard drive with a 20% discount off the retail price and I now need to update my ram. Because either I have a USB 2 cord in a USB1 port; or having an external drive actually does slow things down. I'm quite willing to believe the latter because last year I was running two computers with one screen and ohhh it was slow.

Though for the first time in two months I can scrap again. I deleted about 5 gig of unfinished pages duplicates and redundant back ups just to be able to tun my computer on in the morning. Windows is not supposed to run with only 50 meg free memory. It can but xp acts like win 95. I always liked win 95.

Oh and my son turned 1 on Thursday happy birthday sweetie. I can't believe you made it to 1. Just keep it up. Ok? growing exploring. Whinging, laughing, living. And breathing.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is the thing I just don't get Lactivism the constant pressure by mothers on other mothers to Breast feed because it's best. I think because I'm a Kiwi we are pretty open about our opinions and generally do what we want anyway. So most mothers I know breast feed, formula feed, supplement based on what is best for themselves and the baby. And that's how it is. And that's how it should be.

I can nurse anywhere any time and I do. I have never owned a nursing cover and it's not something I could get locally anyway. Because it just isn't needed. What's wrong with nursing a child in public anyway? Do they have rabies does the frothing at the mouth scare perfect strangers?

And I plan on nursing my son until I stop. Because some day's it great and other days I want to have weaned him yesterday. And he knows how to push all my buttons. And he knows he's doing this and he thinks it's the worlds greatest joke until I put him down and walk away. And then he has some remorse until he kicks me again. But thats breast feeding and it comes down to what is best for myself and him and other peoples opnions do not matter.

I strongly belive if you are busy with promoting breast feeding as perfect, and great and wonderful, you forget that it can be hard, and stressful and you make a lot of sacrifices to do so. And if women sit around wearing their tacky nursing covers hiding their babies in shame and judging everybody else for carrying bottles then nobody gets to see the whole picture. And if you take the dark tones out of a picture it will never be complete.

But I guess if I lived somewhere else, and I felt I had to fight for my very right to latch a baby perhaps I would feel differently. I know where people can buy nursing covers if you live in one of those places the woman selling has pretty good feedback too. But I don't need one and I'm pretty sure it's because people just get on with nursing their babies and don't stop to fret about if it's the perfect food for thier child or if a total stranger might see a micron of nipple.

Then again It's also not illegal for me to walk completly topless down the street it's only an issue If I create a public nusance when I do so. Like writing stuff all over my breasts and dancing up and down on parliments steps. I've never wanted to do that. Some people find it fun though.

I think part of it is Kiwis are just not that body concious. Breast feeding is simply something else you do with your body. It's not a mythical right that needs to be protected against women who say 'I don't want to'. I don't want to nurse. I don't want to see other nursing. Seriously who cares?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well I have set two weeks time as the release date for my first kit wow. It seems so far away but knowing me I will be designing until the very last second.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sam's first steps

Yesterday my 10 month old took his first steps just walking from our coffee table to the chair about 1 step. It's a small thing but a start. We think he's going to walk before he's 1 year old. He turned 10 months on the 16th.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well it's the 16th today. My darling daughter turned 3 a few days ago. She is so grown up now. Tomorrow we take her for her 3 year check up. I'm hoping the dental technician, has some suggestions she still has a few teeth issues. Sigh. And it's Sam's first dental appointment too.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My first post

Hello. Scrapland. I think that covers it all for now.